To Make You Smile


Welcome to To Make You Smile! We hope you enjoy our art. We sell it only at shows as each piece is unique and handmade.

Please join us at the
66th Annual Salem Art Fair & Festival
July 17th - 19th
Fri & Sat 10am - 7pm
Sun 10am - 5pm

We're honored to be invited to bring our birdhouses again to this wonderful show. The show has great food & music along with incredible art amongst the giant trees in Bush Park.

We'll be on Aisle 1 in Booth #10 this year.

Cash or check gladly accepted. We hope to see you at this fabulous show!

Please join our emailing list if you'd like to hear about our upcoming shows, or click here to contact us.

Artist's Statement:
As birds gather from nature, we gather from the urban backyard to create their houses.

We use objects that have ceased to serve their original purpose, but offer unique visual and textural qualities when used out of their original context in a second, more provocative life.

Our houses provide a functional and affordable home for cavity nesting birds. Our work is a tribute to my Grandfather, who while the snow was on his fields, created a legacy of beautiful and functional objects from society’s discards.

Our goal is to provoke, in a way to arouse, a variety of different positive emotions from people often attributable to their past experiences or memories.

When you look out into your garden, even when your flowers are sleeping, and find yourself smiling, our work has been a success.

David & Patsy Britton
Mary Elizabeth McAndrew

Website and photography by Mary Elizabeth McAndrew